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The game of roulette dates back to the time of Roman soldiers spinning their shields wondering about their chances of winning. It was a simple game where money or jewelries was at stake. In modern casino games, roulette makes up roughly 1 million to 1.3 million Americans playing the game from the estimated 52 million casino gamblers.

Roulette is quite simple to learn. You have to make a speculation as to where the ball will slot itself in. There are 37 or 38 slots (depending on which variation is being used) in a roulette wheel, labeled 1 to 36 as well as 0 and 00. The European wheel, which was incidentally designed in America, uses only one zero, while the American wheel, which was also coincidentally introduced in Europe, utilizes the double zero. The American wheel carries a house advantage of 5.26 percent, compared to the house advantage of the European wheel, which is pegged at 2.7 percent.

Over the many generations of playing Roulette, there have been a huge number of roulette systems that was invented in an attempt to defeat the game and the house edge. Sad to say, all of them proved futile. Due to the fact that the casino maintains some of the cash when there is a winner, no betting system will be able to stop the winning.

The sole people who have manage to defeat the game of roulette in previous years were people who exposed defective wheels wherein specific numbers were being hit more than the amount of times they should be hit. Known as “wheel clockers,” these wheels defeated thousands of rolls and evaluated the hits. When they discovered the “wheel clockers,” they made a bet on these biased numbers.

The next possible type of long-term victors are those persons who have the skill to make visual forecasts of what number the ball will hit with high accuracy. This tactic is quite hard to develop because you need to monitor the ball as well as the spinning of the wheel.

Lastly, there are some dealers who might hit a particular pace when they roll the wheel and release the ball. They might practice what is termed as “signature” throw which is prone to predictions. This “signature” will be quite consistent, say ten to eighteen pockets behind the last win, and, if so, this can be taken advantage of by smart roulette professionals.

While it may be true that the game of roulette is no match for the slot machines in terms of casino dominance, the game of roulette will still go quite a long way.

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