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The probability of predicting the outcome of the next number that comes up in the roulette wheel is impossible. In this game, each spin is a new spin and the outcome of each succeeding spin can never be determined.

If you were to bet on a particular area, let’s say, on a Black, what are the chances that the next spin would fall on a Black? It is impossible to tell as the chances of the ball falling on a Black or a Red are just the same. The roulette wheel doesn’t have a memory and it can not remember what the previous number it picked. Most players have this misconception that the roulette wheel has a memory of previous numbers that has been used during the game.

In theory, the game is looked at as a game of probability and that casinos have a 5.26% greater advantage with a double zero wheel. This makes the player a definite loser. In reality, roulette is a game of pure luck and each player has a chance of winning.

In theory you would win and lose every other spin no matter what number you bet on and no matter how many times you bet on this particular number. The only factor that you need to consider is deciding when to quit. This will determine if the amount of your winnings are greater than your losses or vice versa.

To be successful in the game of roulette, your game has to be about knowing when to quit and if lady luck is on your side. With this in mind, here are a couple of popular strategies that players have found very useful in the past.

The Red/ Black system is played by making your bet on either the red or black. Your pay out for this system is 1 to 1. You need to know that the chances of winning on each bet is just under 50/50 especially the wheel having the 0 and 00 that gives more advantage to casinos. When making your bet in Red or Black, be sure to make your first bet a small one.

If you get to win in that particular round, keep your winnings and then bet again with the initial amount that you started in. If you lose on the next round, try doubling your bet on the same color. If this round wins, your net results after having gambled twice is the same amount as that of the initial bet you made at the beginning of your game. Begin again with your initial amount. Double your stake again if this round loses and continue doing this until your color comes up. At this point, your net win of the series of bets that you have made will be the same as if you’ve won your starting bet.

Remember that it doesn’t take a lot of losing bets in a row for the amount of your bet to increase. Have the guts to continue to double up until you win. You also need to be conscious of the table’s limit in bets because if you reach this before you make a win, you can lose a considerable amount. Try starting out in this game with small bets.

The other strategy that is a good play to make is the five number system. This is made by placing your bets on 5 inside numbers of your choice. Remember that you can choose 0 and 00 as it is part of the inside numbers that you can wager on. All the numbers that you have chosen have equal chances of winning. If you try to limit yourself to small bets then there’s no way that you can lose big. You hope to get lucky twice in a row when you play this strategy. Choose a game where the minimum bet is not more than $5 and buy forty $1 chips. Place one chip each of the five numbers you’ve chosen.

Repeat this amount of wager until you win. You have enough chips to make eight tries. You win 35 chips once the ball has landed on one of your five numbers. What you need to do next is divide equally your winnings over your five number fields, if you make a hit again, the pay off is 7 times 35 making a total winning of $245. Whatever the outcome of the last spin, be sure that it is the last spin you make as smart gamblers know when enough is enough and quit.

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