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Roulette is simple, yet pretentiously impossible. It’s fast, exciting and… risky. Roulette provides a unique feel. A busy table will be surrounded with an abundance of eager and enthusiastic gamblers all trying to predict the outcome of one number. The dealer waves his hand and spins the ball in the opposite direction of the wheel, and as the ball finally drops, so does your heart. It is instant adrenaline. Whether you’re seasoned or brand new to the casino, roulette is always entertaining. It has huge payouts and a quick pace. Most likely you will discover within minutes if you are a winner or a loser.

Common Terms For Casino Roulette

Inside Bets – The single numbers in the largest betting area of the table.

Outside Bets – Outside Bets are the optional bets outside of the single number betting field.

Singles – When betting the inside single numbers, the dealer will assign you a unique colored chips known as “singles”.

Split – When betting inside you can place a bet on the line of two numbers. This provides you with a payout if either of the two numbers hit.

Corners – You are able to bet the intersection of two lines on the table, known as a corner. This provides you with the opportunity to win on four possible numbers.

Streets – A Street is a combination of 6 numbers.

Sections – The table is divided twice into three sections on the table. You may bet 1st and 12, 2nd and 12 or the 3rd and 12. Also you may bet at the end of the table in the columned sections.

How to Play Casino Roulette

It’s a numbers game. You’re guessing, or estimating the next number to which that small unforgiving ball will slide into. After you approach the table and hand over your cash you are assigned your color. It is now time to bet. You have many options due to the large betting field, but it all comes down to what number,  Black or red, low or high, a specific section or the exact number. All you have to do is place your bet.

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