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Wedding Centerpieces On A Budget

Brides who are looking for cheap & unique wedding flowers have come to the right place. We have the best answer for you: Billy Balls. This type of flower, aka “craspedia” is in big vogue nowadays. Many designers are promoting it as a hot flower choice for a modern wedding. However, we’ve seen it in rustic, vintage and bohemian-inspired wedding parties too. This flower assortment has a unique appearance and this is what makes it such a favorite selection among contemporary brides. Billy Balls feature sphere-shaped bright yellow heads and long brilliant green stems.

This constitution is pretty original and cute. Delicate but very bold in the same measure, these tiny flowers have the power to transform a standard wedding setting into a magical place for the couple and their attendants. We personally adore Billy Balls and we would choose them for a summer and fall wedding. The pop of color they add to a floral arrangement is just breathtaking. You don’t even have to think about the theme to choose for your wedding when using Billy Balls. They look amazing when combined with succulents, so why not stick to a yellow and green theme?
The vivid yellow shade they feature also looks even fresher and lightly more elegant when mixed with white. Another fascinating theme inspired by craspedia is yellow & gray (or silver). Use these pictures to get inspired for your own wedding. We are convinced you will manage to figure something out based on this trend. If you want to make the best of your Billy Ball flowers, use them in simple and chic recipients. We recommend you the rustic or country-style.
You don’t have to go to the rural side to create a rustic Billy Ball wedding decor. A backyard location is perfect for implementing this theme. Use large wood boxes or flower pots in various shapes and sizes to place the flowers. Add a little bit of moss or other leaves to make the arrangements look even more authentic and impressive.
We also like the way Billy Balls look when arranged in transparent glass vases. You can use mason jars or wine bottles of different colors and dimensions to create a diversified vibrant look. Those who are big fans of Billy Balls might want to use them alone in their decorations. We also adore the way they look on their own when placed in simple containers. But you can use them as fillers too.One of the greatest advantages of using craspedia as your wedding flowers is that you won’t spend that much on your decorations. These flowers are inexpensive and beautifully affordable to all economical brides. Fun, trendy, cheerful and versatile, these flowers are ideal for outdoors celebrations.

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