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Red wedding Decoration

Planning a wedding seems like a hard thing to do and actually arranging it is even more hard looking. You should not be worried and concentrate on solutions rather than on issues. You reception and ceremony should look beautiful and this will not happen if you are too worried about something going wrong.

All of this organizing ought to be done based on a theme and color palette and everything should be coordinated well. A very popular choice of color amongst brides is red. Passionate, vivid and still romantic, red can be combined with a great array of colors and looks the best next to white. This color will not limit your adorning process but make it even easier because you can shop for a ton of stuff dyed in red.

Even the ceremony can be decorated with red accents, but here is very important not to overdo it because this part of the wedding has a more spiritual feeling rather than a party related one. Red roses mixed with pure white lilies or calla lilies will give your ceremony a very elegant touch, while some red pieces of fabric placed along the aisle will look great combined with red and white chair covers or accessories. On the ground you can spread some rose petals for the maximum romantic attitude.

Passing on to the reception, the decorating job starts being fun and easy. Beginning with the entrance, you can dazzle your guests with some columns made out of red flowers or some arcades embellished with red and another color ribbons wrapped around them. The ceiling can also be touched by red. Create a tent like structure to dress the room or hang some red roses from the ceiling to transform the environment into a fairy tale one. Here as well, you can buy or rent red chair and table linens and even use personalized red napkins. Remember not to use all of these ideas at once because the atmosphere would be stressful.
Ending this article, we talk about centerpieces which are usually the main attraction of a wedding reception. You can include red in these arrangements through ribbons, bows, lavish red blooms and various other materials. A great non flower centerpieces with red would be a small tray filled with sand or decorative stones in various shades and some red candles planted in that “soil”. Another suggestion would be using fruits instead of unnatural materials. What can be more enchanting and delicious than a huge delicious edible centerpiece.

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