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To switch? Or not to switch? Blackjack Switch is the only game that allows you to completely change your hand during game play. You play two hands and are immediately faced with the decision to switch, or not to. It is not a trick but maybe a slight illusion. So it seems that if you play Blackjack Switch you are awarded with this great power to change cards. Although, this power comes at a cost, the cost being, the added house advantages. Such as… your blackjacks are paid even money and everyone pushes on 22. With the same framework as original Blackjack, Blackjack Switch involves some very unique options that are allowed and recommended during game play. Just always remember that these amazing options and advantages never happen imbalanced.

How to Play Blackjack Switch

Again, the object of the game is to have closest to 21 without going over. Basically, Blackjack switch is double blackjack. You bet two spots, you receive two hands and you have double the options as regular Blackjack. You will begin by receiving your two hands and when it is your turn to act, your first option will be to either stay or switch your second card on your first hand to your second card on your second hand. (You may only switch the last placed card on each hand.) After your decision is made, you can now play out your hand as regular Blackjack. Remember, the dealer pushes on 22, this can be discouraging as it is possible to win nothing with two 21’s.

Additional Rules for Blackjack Switch

The Dealer will hit on a soft 17

The dealer pushes everyone if they make a 22

Blackjacks are paid EVEN money

You may only switch the last card received (with the last card received on your other hand.)

Bets on each hand must be equal to each other

Blackjack Switch Side bets & Payouts

The Super Match side bet gives a sense of poker into this blackjack game. Allowing you to cash in on any pair, 2 pair, 3 of a kind or 4 of a kind you might receive within your original 4 cards. The pay outs are as followed…

Pair 1-1

3 of a kind 5-1

2 pair 8-1

Of a kind 40-1

What Not to do During Game play

You might come across the opportunity to switch to create action on your hands. This is a good move, just remember never switch out of a Blackjack or 20. Generally, as switching your hands go, you want one hand as strong as possible against a dealers high card and to balance your hands against a dealers mid to low face up value card.

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