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You don’t need to pay a fortune to get yourself a great mattress, but you will need a little information in order to work your way through the brand names and jargon to find a new cheap mattress to suit your needs.There are many individual features of a mattress that can affect the comfort and quality of your sleep, that it’s easy for things to get quite confusing. Luckily though there are just 3 main points, and if you keep them in mind, it will be more than enough information to allow you to get yourself a great mattress and a great deal all in one.

~ Coil count
~ Type of coil
~ Fabric

Before I move on and talk about these 3 points I just want to talk a little about the foundation or box spring. The foundation or box spring is what supports your mattress; a foundation is just a rigid wooden or steel frame that your mattress sits on, while a box spring is basically the same thing only it has a built-in shock absorber in the form of a spring system that will give added support.

There’s a lot of conflicting advice about whether to buy a new box spring when you buy a new mattress, the retailers will always say you should, but if your budget is tight you can probably get away without it. Your new mattress will last longer if you can make the investment though – a steel reinforced box spring is best.

Coil Count

A general rule of thumb when it comes to the number of coils in a mattress is the more springs the better. Generally speaking a mattress with 800 springs would offer much more support than one with 350 springs, although it’s not always the case, if you remember this ‘rule’ you won’t go too far wrong. You can get up to 1000 springs in a mattress, but you don’t need that many for it to be an excellent choice.

Type of coil

There are a few different types of coil springs; hour glass springs, continuous coil springing and pocket springs and each one has its pros and cons:

Hour-glass refers to the shape of the spring, and these springs tend to compress quite easily when the mattresses are new. Over time this type of mattress will become firmer as the coils compress, and they are not as long-lasting as other types of mattresses. You will be able to get some great deals on this type of cheap mattress.

Continuous springing refers to the way the coils are manufactured from a single length of wire. Because this type of spring tends to be made from thicker wire, they provide more support than the hour-glass coils, and tend to last longer as well.

Pocket spring derives its name from the way the spring is made. Each spring is made in its own fabric pocket and, unlike hour-glass or continuous springs, functions independently of the other springs around it. This means that as weight is applied to one part of the mattress, it is only that isolated area that moves – these mattresses are particularly good for married couples because your partner will be less affected by your movements.


Your mattresses fabric must do 2 things; it must add comfort and must be durable enough so that the mattress lasts. You can get everything from polyester right through to genuine silk as an outer cover, they all have their merits and will be durable enough for normal use. Go with your instincts here, if it feels right it probably will be right for you.

This is intended as general advice to help you choose a new mattress, there are other factors to take in to account such as cost and comfort. If you ask the salesperson a few questions based on what I’ve outlined here, he’ll be less likely to try off-loading a substandard mattress on you simply because he will realize you know a little about what you a talking about. The best thing you can do when you are searching for a cheap mattress, is spend some time to try out each of the mattresses you are interested in.

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