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Wedding Decoration

Everyone thinks a wedding should be very sumptuous with lavish accessories and a very stiff attitude, but there are some people that want to keep the elegance and the festive feeling and add a touch of fun and modernism to the whole mix. If you wish to keep your wedding simple, but very comfortable for all it is not imperative to lose all the fancy items you might have thought of, but adopt a more rustic theme.

You can start using this main idea even from the ceremony. Instead of the normal chairs you can use big tree logs cut in small chair like pieces or as long benches. To decorate them, you can take some watering can, metal buckets and milk containers, fill them with flowers and place them at the end of each row. Don’t use roses, lilies or calla lilies, but take some time to find field flowers that have a much more country appeal. Other fancier ornaments can be done out of wheat or even hay placed in strategic piles and held together by rope made out of lightly colored fabric and flowers. As a funny detail you can use instead of pillars for the altar forks and shovels adorned with details such as tulle and blooms.Passing on to the next important chapter of a wedding, you would love to have the most entertaining and beautiful reception ever so the decorations are quite essential. Here as well you should use wooden furniture instead of plastic or metal for a country inspired look and the linens should have shabby chic patterns that will best combine elegance with casualness.

The tables can be embellished with small flower bouquets placed on every serving plate and accessorized with polka dots and checkered napkins. As for the centerpieces, you can either search more ideas on Brides or you can think of how some old pots, animal figurines and lots of blooms would look exquisite together. Don’t be afraid to include fruits and vegetables because they will only underline the country influence.

The last thing you should look at is the overall atmosphere given by the location’s ornaments. A great idea would be to use some barrels to limit the areas and try to stick to an outdoor location with natural or bulbs lighting rather than fluorescent very cold one. As well as for the ceremony, hay and various other far related items are a must have to better highlight all of your ideas.

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