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There are several guides available in the market that will help in guiding the casino players who are interested in playing the roulette games. This guide will certainly include the concepts regarding the roulette terms, strategies, payouts and the betting options. The roulette terms generally help in exploring the game world wide and to make the game reach many people across the world.

Roulette Terms:

Several concepts are included in the roulette terms and they are listed below to guide the roulette players.

American Wheel:

This roulette term has 38 numbers and the numbers are generally given in the sequence order.

Casino Edge:

The advantage of this is the specific wager that is available. In the case of double zero American wheels the casino edge is 5.26%. For the European roulette’s the casino edge is lesser than 2.70 percentage.

Choppy game:

In this roulette terms there will be no occurrence of patterns or streaks and so it does not favor the players or the house.


It is a device that is used by casino dealer to mark the winning number at roulettes.

Double zero:

It is the green number wager which is found on American wheels.

Double-zero wheels:

It has 38 numbers present in the wheel.

En Prison Rules:

If it hit the number zero then the rule will permit the players to leave the bet for another spin or will take half the bet. This rule is followed only for the money bets.


It is generally used to double the bets after winning the game.

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