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Responsible trading means going the extra mile to give our customers a trading experience which is safe, reliable and appropriate for their needs. We believe we have a duty to deliver the best trading experience possible to every eToro trader. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure our customers’ trading experiences are as secured and enriching as possible. eToro believes in responsible trading.

Limited Risk

Trading always involves an element of risk but at eToro we do what we can to ensure our customers are never dangerously exposed to the hazards of the market. That’s why we encourage all our traders to avoid trading with money which they can’t afford to risk losing. We encourage our customers to take a cautious approach to trading and in particular to be sensible in their use of leverage – a powerful tool and one which we love but which can be pretty risky when it’s used excessively.

Unlimited Practice

We offer an unlimited practice account to every new eToro customer and enable every existing customer to switch to practice trading whenever they feel like it. We believe that practice helps our traders trade more responsibly because it gives them the experience to trade with more skill and make more of a success of their real trading.

No Risk Of Debt

With eToro you can never lose more than the amount you deposit, which means you can never get into debt by trading with us. In fact we take things a step further by automatically applying stop loss orders to all of your trading positions, so that you can never lose more than the balance of the trades you have open: keeping your account safe, however your individual trades work out.

Licensed And Regulated

eToro works with licensed and regulated brokers to ensure the highest standards in the industry are applied when you invest with us. Our broker partners – Retail in Europe, IC Markets in Asia-Pacific and FX Solutions in the USA are all licensed and regulated financial asset providers in their markets of operation. As a result you can feel assured that when you invest through eToro the safety of your investments is ensured.

Personal Account Managers

Every trader who joins eToro gets the benefit of a personal account manager who is able to talk them through the trading process and steer them towards sources of help and support. It’s an important part of our commitment to customer responsibility.

Help For Beginner Traders

No other financial trading platform does more to assist beginner traders than eToro. In addition to comprehensive educational resources we provide traders with immediate access to the real experts – each other – through the world’s largest financial trading community. With eToro every trader has the opportunity to interact with and learn from their peers.

Micro Transactions

We believe that everyone should have the ability to access the markets and trade at the level which suits them best. That’s why we provide micro transactions in the Forex, commodities and indices markets. With eToro you can deposit and start trading for real with as little as $50 and you can place real financial trades with as little as $2.50 of your own money.

Security You Can Trust

We take the security of your account and your privacy with the utmost seriousness and employ powerful encryption systems to ensure that your confidential information remains just that. We also have a well developed privacy policy in place in order to ensure that we maintain rigorous standards in dealing with your personal information.

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