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Preparing for a wedding

Khaldi freshen up for the ceremony, ceremony, especially for 3 or three days before the wedding through Khaldi, drop that occurs in connection with turmeric, gram flour, tofu, sandalwood and rose water is usually applied to the face, hands, feet bride. Any yellow pasta really believe in order to facilitate your own skin before marriage will bring good luck to the bride and groom as well.
Hindu weddings are full of color and spirit. The roof is interested can ride them in the time frame of the wedding is actually in color also can help turn around.

Get your hands ready for your wedding ceremony Mendy on nearly all close relatives palm when you are dealing with a hand on his feet decorated with henna artist, a great professional. Henna is also believed to enhance the beauty of your wedding. The ceremony is especially likely to occur on the day before the wedding of your own.This may include a great bachelorette party. But, no joke, as well as alcohol. Today, there is more information on the celebration of the journey to be able to marry, not refurbished or even more insane.

Welcome Baraat you the arrival of your own, groom and their families. Traditionally, the groom arrives at the wedding on horseback, along with his close friend, a family member of the grand parade, which has a lot of singing to dancing. This means that you will take care of your own family fortune to get your new bride.In particular, the increase in the assembly and the modern marriage can have your fiance when they arrived in a convoy of vehicles .

There Milni  meeting with the bride and groom family. Family, your marriage today armed with a bouquet of traditional sweets to India and then greet the boys and their families Milni become a tradition that the groom’s family is marked by the bride’s family.This is usually done in house at the wedding of delivery. Kum Kum red (powder) will be used to help all forehead. Associated with each family member by the rules will be introduced to each other to promote peace with the reception.

Time to perform Ganesha Puja is committed. Present prior to the ceremony of Ganesha worship is performed on luck. This is the key to be pressed with the same Ganesha the many obstacles destroyer. Today’s ceremony is to always be the first member of his family and the groom himself.

Fill in a traditional wedding ceremony

See how the groom put one over to the groom. It will get to decorate a large altar called “Mandap” has been added seating and a celebration  which involves a mixture of milk, cheese, yogurt, honey and sugar.
Sub bride can call your own with your own Kanya Kanya Aagman bride who may be headed to the altar with his father, mother of the bride wedding, which means approval of your union. Your current bride with groom separately, often from white tissue that has not been allowed to see one in the first place.

Steering you to say, and you own a Mala (garland exchange) as soon as the bride of your way on your own Mandap (location of the altar where the wedding will take place), whites tend to drop. Bride and groom your own bouquet with the transaction. Types of flowers that usually constitutes acceptance of others.Whenever the bridal bouquet and a contract (jayamala), they said. “A man among men and women learn to be presented here, that I have often used voluntarily willing and happy. My heart will always be appropriate and as water. Match does not mean that a forced marriage. In fact, forced marriage is illegal in India today. Although you today, they are not known for their desire to get married.

Now observe rituals Kanyadaan ritual the bride’s father poured holy water in his hand after hand groom in different countries. Rituals at the show officially the father of his daughter. After your brother is often associated with the end of the wedding sari scarf for nuts, copper, in addition to rice. This decision is a symbol of unity, prosperity and happiness for the node. pary.konkretny Was created to represent these real long-term bonds comes to marriage.
Marriage, the need of people to exchange gifts are clothes and jewelry. Mother of the groom alone can provide “Sutra Mangal” necklace for the bride to demonstrate success. You can tell the father of the bride, daughter of the bride to be free from self-sufficiency of families can not use it.

Like the priest saw the beginning Vivaha Homa fires in some sacred fire and Purohit (priest) could spell the Sanskrit language. Despite your prayers at this time is often the case that the proposal will be presented by the fire “Id mother,” repeated often very high, which means. “Do not designed not to me.” Emphasizes the value of selflessness that you would expect in a marriage.

The ceremony featured Panighari experience while in the ritual, some of you took the hand of his wife. You can be the first to put forward the day of the ritual drugih.tsely physical contact when the husband and wife, and his oath as a parent, it will be treated in relation to the protection and wife. the rest of his time in respect of its life.Your fiance today, despite the hand of his wife can say that. “I hold your hand in the spirit of fairness, I do husband and wife”.

See how the bride and groom Shilarohan and complete with rock climbing or may be a sign of readiness also were needed to overcome the obstacles in his new marriage.Then a few of their own in the event of a fire, the fourth with three weddings . They can feed barley is present along the side lights indicated that they would work related to participation. the best connected in the community, working with others.The current husband to celebrate a big farewell to his new hair woman with red kumkum powder called “Sindoor” all women are married as recognized by the marking.

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