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Online Slots Are Better than Real Thing?

Live slot machines are undeniably so infectious that it’s easy to understand why slots regulars are skeptical about trying their favorite game online. If you’ve let a fear of the unknown or a dated perception of online games prevent you from trying slots online then you’re missing out and don’t even know it.

Online slots work in exactly the same way as their live counterparts and through the use of randomization software even offer the same odds. Thanks to rapidly improving online casino software, the look and feel of online slots is on par with or even better than what you can expect to find at your favorite local casino. Here are a few other reasons you might consider making the switch from live to online slots.

Bigger Jackpots

Because millions of slots players could be pumping one progressive jackpot at the same time the size of online slots jackpots is much bigger in general than the same live progressives. And once a jackpot is hit the constant action means that the size of the prize is soon replenished.

Better Bonuses

Virtually every online casino offers a loyalty points program that’s basically the online equivalent of a live casino slot club. What online casinos offer that live casinos can’t (or won’t) is free cash incentives via sign-on and deposit bonuses. You could earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars in free casino cash just by playing your favorite games, and that’s in addition to your comps.


Speaking of comps, when you play slots online you’ll never have to remember your member card to get your points because all comps are tallied automatically as you play. Along the same vein you’ll never forget your money in a machine either because online casinos return any unused credits to your account as soon as you log off. Of course the biggest convenience is that you can play your favorite online slots games any time and anywhere no plane ticket, I.D or even pants required.

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