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The idea of Video Poker was initiated in the middle part of 70s as the first personal computer was introduced. It was the operators of the casinos who realized the potential of combining a monitor and a computer to play game. Afterward, a game named Video Poker was created with the concept of a five card poker draw game and it was widely welcomed by the casino community.

Players who are familiar with the real poker games would get used with this game quickly as the rules for both are almost the same apart from the wagers which is quite smaller if you play the Video Poker. First, the game starts as player put a coin or token in the machine and press the button. He is able to choose whether to keep or discard his cards and the electronic banker would offer new card to complete a five-card deal. Players also get rewards at sight if he wins.

Variations of Video Poker

Like other games, this Video Poker also has numerous versions. Some of those are the wild card games. The term “wild card” indicates that there are some cards considered as “wild” in this game, and those could portrait as any card in the game, meaning it gives player a big advantage if he gets any wild card. Some of the most prominent in the list are Deuces wild, Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, and Double Bonus.

More versions of Video Poker might be available online but there are not many differences between those played online or at land-based casinos. In addition, players also get the highest reward in a poker game if they have the finest combination of cards which is the Royal Flush and of course, players would interact with screens and computers in both cases.

Shortly, luck is always an integrated part of playing casino games. There would be up and down times as you might win in the first time or still lose after hours dealing with it. Therefore, the best strategy is to know when and where to take a break to protect both your money and your eyes.

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