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The only place where player can have no doubts about the fair outcome of a game, as it cannot be falsified (except for the predetermined outcome).However, players often blame bookmaker for their own misfortunes, not even trying to find the reason. It is a rare case when someone before starting placing first bets thinks whether he or she will benefit from betting or not.

Clever bets strategy

It is quite easy to check how successful you are in sports betting. Let us have starting balance of 20$ (or the currency you are used to, as from the psychological point of view bets placed with other currency will differ significantly from real bets). During some days (or weeks) place 20 bets of the equal amount (e.g. 1$) on the odds from 2.0 to 2.2.Place stock marketing bets on well familiar and understandable sport events.Do not shot in the dark, place bets only when you are fully convinced of certain match outcome. Make notes of all your results.

If after the present series of bets you have income of at least 4-6$, you have a chance to succeed in betting. This means that you are able to find bookmaker’s weak point in the line. After that, you need to define at which bet types you failed most, at which least and drive yourself in the right direction. If the result is close to your initial balance (small minus or plus makes no difference), you have a potential that need to be developed. In case of a great minus you should think whether you are ready to lose money on betting in future. And of course a set of simple general rules. You should stick to simple rules, which will help you to save the initial capital.

Successful betting rules:

Place bets on well familiar sports only.

It is recommended to make a preliminary analysis of the statistics and mass media information of the up-coming sport event.

Keep statistics on your wins and losses that will allow you to analyse where and at which bet types you have mistaken less and continue betting in that direction.

If your bet has lost it is not reasonable to win back your losses immediately by placing bets on the nearest matches ignoring the above mentioned 1 and 2 points.

If you have placed a bet and this bet has lost, do not raise next stake, but having lost next bet too, do not raise the following stakes to win back all the amount – it is a straight way to lose all your money.

Do not bet all money, even if the odds on the event are 1.05 or lower. Sport – is a game, and such odds are not always winning. Goals can be made in the last minutes or even in the last seconds, outsiders can win matches even in a hopeless situation and so on. Such cases are not rare.

Obviously, the rules are simple but most players fail to follow them, which results in losses.

Some players tend to lose their control, lose their money over and over, then deposit again and lose again, raising the stake hoping to succeed and win back.
They need to think of stopping gambling, instead of raising the question ‘How to win at Sportsbook?’

Many sportsbooks offer players the possibility to limit their deposits themselves. Limits can be set on certain time and deposit amounts. It is called ‘Responsible Gaming’; it saves some people from total losses of large amounts, but we would like to suggest those players who lose their control refraining from betting entirely.

Often player are attracted by someone’s magic winning strategies. Many players waste a lot of time surfing the internet for such strategies, not understanding that the best strategy – is your own. Nobody but bettors themselves can define at which sport types and events they can win more than lose.

This must become your strategy to follow.

By the way, there is one 100% profit mathematical strategy – arbitrage betting.

But having a lot of minuses and comparatively low profit, this strategy cannot be considered as a money making tool.

Arbitrage betting has been known for more than ten years in a betting world and has not made someone a millionaire jet; many players were just kidding around with it in the very beginning.

The gist of it is to find the opposite odds on the same sport events at two different bookmakers and by placing bets on the opposite outcomes, get the warrant percentage of profit of all bet amount. The popularity of arbitrage betting was relatively high 5-6 years ago; now this boom among players has gone, that can be explained by the great imbalance between time it takes and the final result (profit amount received).

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