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The Best Comprehensive Car Insurance needs to offer extensive cover for any eventuality be it a minor accident or a complete write off as well as offering car hire while your repairs with online car insurance are being attended to and roadside assistance when you need it, all a an affordable premium.

Full comprehensive car insurance offers complete peace of mind in the knowledge that whatever happens to your car, you are covered.

Your cover would include the following over and above accident or theft cover:

Vehicle towing in the event of an accident

Storage of your vehicle in a place of safety after being towed

An amount of money for medical costs in the event of an accident

Windscreen replacement

Third party cover

Wheel rim repairs could also be included

Sound system and canopies or additional extras that have been specified

Hail damage cover is also an option in comprehensive car insurance

Car hire in the event of damage or a total loss

These are a few of the extra-ordinary things covered under a comprehensive car insurance policy which would not necessarily be covered under other types of car insurance.

It is always a good idea to opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy on a new car and in fact some finance houses insist on it to cover the car while it is still financed. Remember, you do not own the car until such time as the loan to the bank or financial institution has been paid in full.

The question is: How much will a comprehensive car insurance policy cost me?

This question can only be answered by completing the form and allowing us to call you back and gather a little information from you. We then use a sophisticated car insurance calculator to compare the different offering from South Africa’s major insurance companies which allows us to determine what level of cover is the best for your car at the best possible price.

We will also negotiate the rates with the insurance companies to further lower the rates and only then will we be able to offer you the best comprehensive car insurance at the best price.

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