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Is a worried question for everyone who bet or is going to bet on sport events at Bitcoin Sportsbook. The answer does not always lie on the surface. Firstly, narrow down to the sport types you are strong at and drop those you are not familiar with. There should be a sport type you can surely say about – I know everything about that! Excellent! From this sport in particular you have to start your betting experience. Secondly, before placing bet on certain match, it is recommended to read fresh information concerning game opponent in big sport news portals, newspapers, watch on TV, etc.

For instance, for a football match read about:

which players are supposed to form the team;

– possible injuries of players;

– presence or lack of motivation of the whole team or separate players to win the certain match;

– table team standing position in general, the importance of certain match for both teams etc.

What for is it necessary?

Not to doubt beforehand of the, from the first sight predicted, match result.Let us now examine the classical event when such situation can appear. European Championship Qualification Match. The match between obvious leader and group weakest team or outsider, which has not won any match and lost all the chances to progress from the group. It might seem: ‘What can be easier than to bet a large amount on a leader at any Sportsbook and wait for the winning?’ But if you at least listen to coach’s interview before the match you will get a quite interesting information there.

This information can be as follows:

Leader team does not need to play in full force, as it has already secured qualification by its points and this match does not mean anything, apart form that, some key players are injured. Moreover, team has some young but inexperienced players which need to get practice in high level matches. Therefore, leader team won’t play in its strong line, won’t do its best in order to save strength for the following play offs; some new players will be experimentally chosen to get an experience.

And on the other hand:

Outsider team has nothing to lose. It must, no matter what, at least restore its reputation for its fans by best game and do maximum they can at the last match. There are no injured players and motivation is ultrahigh. Do you feel how situation changes in a match like that? Now it is not obvious that the leader will be the winner of the match, otherwise, outsider has greater chances to win or end in a draw.

It is also suggested to examine the statistics of closest matches between teams or sportsmen, if such exist.

All collected information will probably change your mind about match result.

Generally speaking, bookmakers carry the same analysis to define odds for bets on certain sport event.

In conclusion, to answer the main question you should: get detailed knowledge about certain sport type, make your own minimal prognosis of match result from pre-match mass media information and keep result statistics of teams or sportsmen opponents.

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