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Wagering Requirements for online casinos?

No matter what type of bonus you claim, online casino operators have their own unique terms with regard to bonus wagering. The most popular is that the bonus must strictly be used according to a wagering requirement before the player is allowed to withdraw any winnings. Across various casinos, bonus cash must be played between 25 to 50 times in order for the winnings to be made available. In addition to this, such bonuses are held within a certain withdrawal time frame. This is a specified period for which the bonus funds will be able to be withdrawn. It is vital for the player to keep this in mind, as even being 1 day late will mean that the bonus money is no longer available.

In some instances, wagering applies only to a few casino games. It’s also common that casino games with even odds don’t help turn the bonus. Let’s take the game of roulette as an example, which gives the player the option to bet on red or black or odd or even. In this situation, wagering requirements would not allow the player to place such bets in order for them to claim the bonus on offer.

As for sports betting, the wagering requirement tends to normally be lower in terms of turnover cash bonuses. Nonetheless, it’s common to place bets on events with odds falling below a specified amount, normally being less than 1.50. In today’s competitive landscape, several betting companies enable the use of bonus funds on all types of casino games and sports events. However, turnover is measured solely on the bets which are deemed to be valid as per the operator’s terms and conditions.

Most of the betting operators show the amount of bonus money you have wagered and how much you’d need to wager to withdraw your winnings. This is usually a straightforward process as you are only required to make a small sum to be able to withdraw greater amounts. Few online casinos also display the balance between real money and bonus money to give you an even clearer view of how things stand. This could in turn affect your future gameplay and strategy.

To kick things off, you should first keep in mind what you will use your bonus funds for. Do you want to take them out as quickly as possible? Or do you think you might have what it takes to build up larger pot overtime before withdrawing them? It’s always a risk opting for the latter, due to the fact that you might end up losing them, however, if you do happen to go on a good run, then you’re left with a hefty sum of winnings for you to enjoy.

Should you be interested in playing at online casinos for the purpose of withdrawing bonuses, then you should play games with low payouts. This is most notable when playing online slots. The best way to do this is to choose online slots with very small winnings rather than those offering larger payouts, as these are most often more difficult. If you’re not quite sure which games to play, you can read about them in more detail in our casino games section.

Why do casino sites give away free money?

There are various reasons why online casino sites offer free money. The main motive behind this is to bring in new players through incentives and also to reward loyal players and keep them satisfied. It is of key importance for operators to give back to their community of players and by offering free bonus money they are doing exactly that. A popular example of free giveaways is upon the launch of a new game as a marketing tactic to get players to test it out.

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