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Unique Wedding Napkins

Apparently, one of the less significant or interesting items in a wedding is the napkins. We said apparently that these elements are both practical and decorative. They play an important role in the wedding reception, for no wedding guest can do without them. However, they are not only functional and practical, but also objects of design. Brides and grooms who are thinking of planning a unique wedding from head to toe should take into consideration opting for personalized wedding napkins.

Nowadays, everything in a wedding can be personalized and customized to fit the preferences, vision and individual style of each bride and groom in part. And the formality, the season and the venue of the wedding are the principal aspects to consider when planning a personalized décor for the reception.

The season can influence the color, texture and print of the napkins, while the venue can set the perfect theme to go with. For instance, if your wedding is planned for a vineyard, don’t hesitate to use a wine or pink vine theme for the napkins and for the tablecloths. Or, if the reception takes place on the beach, use a coral or seashell design for the napkins. Personalized wedding napkins add a special and unique touch to a reception party and make it all look more expressive, inviting and flattering.

Make sure that the color scheme you pick for the napkins matches the theme or the general line of the wedding. You can have the napkins printed with the wedding date, with your names or with the guests’ names. The napkins can feature fun patterns that include hearts, wedding rings, wedding bells, butterflies, and beach or nature themes. Your guests will enjoy using such beautiful napkins and some might even decide to take the napkins home as a special souvenir from your wedding.  

Having the napkins customized according to the preferences and personality of the guests is one of the most flattering ideas. Just make sure that everybody gets a napkin that they can actually use! The first example we want to give you is the napkin bow. The first picture is relevant for this exemplification. The designers used a fabulous bow tied in a perfect style for each plate. The yellow hue is eye-catchy and really trendy and it is used also for the plates. The coordinating colors used for this tablescape are really outstanding and impressive.

Next in line, we have a fabulous ribbon belt napkin designed especially for modern weddings. The white and green plates feature the same fresh green grass theme inspired by nature as the napkin. The lace napkins can also fit classy romantic receptions.

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