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Although the eyeliner is a relatively small detail of the entire makeup, it is nonetheless important as it gives the eyelids definition. If properly made, this technique will make the eyes look larger and more vibrant, as the white part of the eyes appears brighter and more prominent. Since this part of the makeup is relatively detailed, it will require extra hand dexterity in order to be performed satisfactorily. If you are a bit of an amateur, though, you can simulate a professionally-made look by penciling the line with small, feathered strokes, and then blend on using a brush with a fine tip, or using the tip of a cotton bud. In order to have both hands free for the task, place the mirror on a flat surface, and then pencil the lids while looking down and into it. You can also try an even easier approach, by dotting along the line with a pencil, and then running them over into a contour with a dampened fine brush. Make sure the line stays thin to achieve the best effect.

Application of the eyeliner should be done from the inner part (closer to the nose) to the outer, with the middle as the area with the thickest line. For women with paler lashes the australian online casinos are perfect option to make some extra money, but is unable to get close to the roots with a mascara wand, using a liquid eyeliner will help, just dab it on to cover it. An important final tip: make sure that the color of the liner complements that of the eye shadow.

Tips for Lipstick

The first and foremost tool for sultry lips, lipstick is never underestimated. This cosmetic usually comes in tubes, and is probably the quickest way of freshening up your look. The lipstick may also come with other accessory equipment for better application, such as a brush for more control and a liner pencil for outlining the borders prior to the main application. Lipsticks are also versatile since they do not require strict color coordination with the nail polish or the apparel. But they should complement the entire makeup and the skin tone nonetheless. Those with olive-toned skin go well with lipsticks of warm tones as contrast, such as hues of light brown or brown red tones of blackberry or wine. Dark skin tones would be complemented by shades of deep red, with dark blue or purple undertones. Women with fair skin go well with lip colors of warm peach or pink; those with pale skin, however, can go well with a lipstick of any color, but preferably those with dramatic shades for a more effective statement.

In testing the compatibility of a lipstick shade with your complexion, dab a little swatch of the cosmetic on your fingertip, on an area where the color of the skin is closest with that of your lips. See if the hues match. If you prefer, you can also hold the stick close to your mouth, and see if the color complements with it. With the issue of the color settled, you’ll have to choose which effect you’d like to go with. Lipsticks that leave a glossy finish give great sheen, but must be constantly maintained through reapplication. Those which leave a matte finish give a great flat and subtle appearance, but may leave the lips without moisture. Semi-matte finishes look and set better in comparison. Those with a creamy finish leave an excellent combination of opacity and shine to the lips, and they are also enriched with moisture conditioners, so they are perfect for women with particularly dry lips. Regular lipsticks lend a sheer and subtle color, slightly like what a lip gloss would achieve, but they are effectively longer-lasting. The lipstick requiring the most maintenance, lip gloss is great for quick retouches, but quickly rubs off after a few hours. Unsurprisingly for women, the online casinos for us players application of lipstick may require some getting used to, even with the use of a mirror. Since the application of the cosmetic is usually associated with quick fix-ups, different techniques are useful for varying situations. If you prefer wearing darker hued lipsticks, but are having qualms with your application precision and dexterity, you can use your fingertip by first dabbing it on the stick until the color leaves on the skin, then smearing the color on your lips with your finger, before applying a last coat of lip gloss. If you have the unfortunate constant mistake of staining your teeth with every application, then the next time you make an attempt, put a finger into your mouth, and then close your lips around it before withdrawing the finger.

Lip gloss is the only time saver if you are on a particular rush, so don’t even think about applying vibrant red lipstick in five minutes and think that you can get away with it. If the color tends to bleed around the mouth, try using a lip liner next time in order to shade the lip area before a thorough application; you can also try a variety with a matte finish for less mess. Use the liner to shade the entire lips though, and DON’T use it just for outlining the borders around the lips. Once the lipstick wears off, the lines will remain as a testament to poor prep work. Lip liners are meant to ensure even lipstick fading and should be used for just that purpose. If you are going for a more natural look and have the time to do it with, apply the cosmetic in multiple slight and feathered strokes around the outer lip edges, and then blend the color with your fingertip before finally shading it off with a liner. Lip balms are of particular help for those with dry lips; using tissue, coat the area with balm before applying a liner which is as close to your natural lip color as possible.

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