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To make money doing surveys online in an attempt to provide a better lifestyle is possible but believe me, the return on investment may not be as attractive as you have been led to believe. Dozens of websites pay money to have people do surveys and some people consider this type of work very attractive.

Let’s face it, it is very simple, easy work, sometimes just answering a few questions about a site or product, so there is no real need for training or expertise. These paid surveys can be carried out from anywhere you want to sit with your computer although obviously, you need an internet connection.

What are Online Surveys

Market research companies look for people who are looking to earn money usually as a side hustle to take surveys through their website to determine the likes and dislikes of the customers of a third party, usually a large company. This allow the company to plan and structure their business for ongoing and continuing growth and development.

Some of the more respected companies like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and Opinion Outpost need you to give your thoughts and opinions on different client sites and in return, they will pay you a reward. This reward can be in a number of forms but mostly you would want cash into a PayPal account or Gift Cards that you can redeem.

Are Online Survey Jobs Legit?

There are numerous sites out there that are good quality and honest organizations but like anything, not all are going to play the game equally.

Some Important Points To Remember

It is important that you do due diligence on any survey company you work with to establish their credibility and reliability.

So, research the company first and make sure they are reputable and of long-standing operation.

All of them will require your personal data like Name and Address which is acceptable to most people as long as you do point 1.

Do not give personal financial details to anyone until you can be sure of their identity and integrity.

Install anti-malware software on your computer in case someone tries to spam you from a dodgy site.

How Does An Online Survey Work

Initially you will join a company as part of an extended group of people who are all in the same situation.  Surveys will then be sent to you via email, so a good idea is to establish an email address that allows you to receive survey information without clogging up the inbox of your personal email. These emails will inform you of a number of important points, for instance, a topic of the survey an approximate time it will take to complete, and what the reward is.

Do Online Surveys Really Pay

The financial reward is usually very poor with most respondents making just a couple of dollars per hour. So, the return for your time being this minimal is one of the very first issues I have with online surveys. My experience brings me to the opinion that $2 – $3 per hour is insufficient reward for the amount of time needed to complete the tasks required. The people making the real money are the site owners, but it is possible to make money albeit a very small sum for a lot of work.

The (cash) will usually be paid via PayPal or gift card although I found one that pays real cash

There is plenty of work available if you are willing and able to spend your time on somewhat menial tasks earning no more than a few bucks a day but there are better ways?

What Is The Alternative

YES, There is an alternative and it is one particularly lucrative area that I love and that is affiliate marketing. This is where an online retailer or merchant offers a product that you promote on a website and on the sale of that product through your website you receive a commission. These are products that we use every day so we have an opportunity to make money by promoting the products we know and trust.

Most larger companies have affiliate programs that you can join but the one that comes to mind the most is Amazon. You can become an Amazon affiliate and promote nearly any product in their catalog. Affiliate Marketing is not a get rich scheme and won’t happen overnight, it will take some time and effort on your part to get it up and running. However, the potential rewards from this business model are far beyond the meager income taking online surveys will provide. So, where do I turn to now? Well, let me recommend Wealthy Affiliate, an online training platform that has everything you need to become a successful affiliate marketer.

I have been a member and a great supporter now for 3 years and during that time have come from a non-technical background to be able to build a website that provides a regular handsome profit. I would love to hear your comments or thoughts on this article, make money doing surveys, please leave them in the comments section below and I will respond ASAP.

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