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Kitchen Wall Décor

The kitchen is one place in every household where tales are shared and family members are cared. Also, in most homes, one can easily see the kitchen from the living room. For such an important part of the home, it is only appropriate to have the best decoration. Decoration of every room calls for attention to the walls of the room. Hence, kitchen walls are key to kitchen decoration. Kitchen wall décor can be done in a variety of ways.

One wall of the kitchen can be chosen to be the focal point. This wall can be painted with a lively color and the other can be painted with a neutral color, making the solitary wall more attractive. Or all the walls can be painted in the same neutral coat such that the furniture and kitchen accessories blend in with the walls.

The colors used in the kitchen dictate the tone of the kitchen wall décor. Before using a particular color tone, one must make sure if it reflects his taste and provides comfort. Colors such as orange and red increase one’s metabolism and also cause aggression. Hence, such colors can be used in moderation.

There are numerous options while using wallpapers for kitchen wall décor. One can go for vinyl material wallpapers and add more color to his kitchen. There are self-adhesive wallpapers that are quite easy to install. If one does not like the repeating patterns in most wallpapers, he can opt of wallpapers where the border tell a story. Hand painted words and wallpaper cut-outs are some interesting additions to a kitchen wall. These can even serve as conversation initiator when there are guests dropping by.

Wood paneling is an interesting idea to make the kitchen walls more attractive. It piques up the visual interest of the kitchen and is easy to maintain.
A kitchen is a crucial part of a home. Apart from being an area that is used for cooking food, it is also a place to share meals with one’s family. Hence, every homeowner has a dream to have a properly planned and smoothly operating kitchen. With this objective in mind, there have been several designs that have been developed for kitchens every year. Modern designs tend to make more use of what is available in the kitchen rather than tearing everything down and building from scratch.

Some of the most important elements of kitchen design are

Smart Storage
This aspect tries to make the most usage of drawers, pantries and cabinets. This provides lots of storage space without congesting the kitchen. Pots, pans, knifes, pullout baskets, wall mounted racks, open weave baskets, corner spins, roll out shelves, etc are some elements that can be made use of to achieve this result.

Soft colors
A new shade is sometimes the best thing to happen in a kitchen design. Lighter colors such as pale yellow, gray, pale blue, etc. are recommended as they provide for a calm state of mind and reflect more light making the kitchen appear more spacy and airy. Using cabinets with rich stained wood gives the kitchen a trendy look.

Integrated spaces
Kitchens that have an open layout are increasingly preferred today. Open kitchens provide more space for cooking, entertaining, reading, socializing, etc.

Commercial quality appliances
Stainless steel has been used for many years due to its resistance to stains and corrosion. Recently, appliances such as high end dishwashers, warming drawers, convection microwave ovens, etc. are made using stainless steel and are in trend.

Under-mounted sinks
Homeowners prefer their kitchen to look clean. For this reason, an under-mounted sink is an important part of kitchen design. However, care must be taken so that they are functional and offer sufficient room to work. Sinks made from stainless steel and cast iron are perfect for this purpose.

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