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Jet Away on a Private Aircraft

Private Aircraft with Social Flights

Most people the idea of being able to fly on a private aircraft is a pipe dream that has always been solely the premise of the rich and famous. However, all that is changing with the introduction of Social Flights and their ability to tap into group buying power to allow even regular Joe’s to jet away on a private aircraft to their destination of choice.The theory is simple: Flying on private aircrafts really isn’t that much more expensive than what you pay for airline tickets anyway. The only downside is that it normally takes a lot of cash to hire out a private aircraft and it’s not like you’re going to occupy all the seats if you do.

What Social Flights does is it connects like-minded travelers who are heading from the same departure point and to the same destination and allows them to ‘pool’ their resources to book a private jet that will take them there.All in all, flying on private jets is a lot more convenient and you won’t have to deal with airlines and their often tedious procedures, lengthy check-ins and so on. That alone should cut down on the frustration that most travelers feel on departure day.

Furthermore, as you would expect private jets are normally a lot more comfortable too and you won’t end up crammed into a tiny economy seat with other passengers also crammed in right next to you.Anyone who wants to fly on a private aircraft just needs to find other fliers who are heading to the same place that they are. Either you can create a flight and then connect with others to fill the seats on that flight, or you can look for a flight already created that needs more people to fill its seats.Once a flight is full, Social Flights will then handle the details and verify the passengers and also deal with the aircraft operator. All of this should end up costing you less than what a regular ticket would cost – so you won’t even have to pay out of your nose for the flight.
In a nutshell, you can now fly privately on a budget on your own schedule and waste a lot less time as a result. That is the power of Social Flights and if you’re a regular business traveler it is certainly worth looking into it.Who knows – you might even develop a bit of a taste for flying private aircraft and as your circle of fellow travelers expands you might be able to do it on a much more regular basis than you ever imagined to be possible.

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