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Slot machine is one of the most popular games in the gambling industry as well as in the casino games. However, not many people know about its origin which dated back 1894. In that year, Charles Fey first introduced this game under the name Liberty Bell. Unfortunately, this game didn’t gain much reputation as it just became popular in the Western United States in the 1990s after Bugsy Siegel brought them to the Nevada casinos. In addition, after its introduction to the online gaming casinos, slot machine also became big success here.

Parts of a Slot Machine

Players need to pay attention to two basic things in the slot machines. The first one is the reels, which are the vertical columns that move around once players activate the machine through a button or lever. In a slot machine, there are at least three reels with some of the advanced machines having up to seven reels. The second thing players need to notice is the pay line. Payline is the horizontal lines presenting the combinations of the reels that player need to pay attention. Like the reels, in some advanced version, the slot machine could have up to two or three pay lines.

How to Play Slots

Playing with the slot machine is quite simple. All players need to do is to line up the symbols on the reels by pushing the button or lever and wait for the result in the slot pay line. The difficulty with this game is to combine the symbols to get the highest pay off which is quite diverse depending on the combination. As there are different kinds of slot machine, there are also different kinds of pay off and rules. Those stuffs become even more complex once it moves from the land-based slot to the online one. Therefore, getting a comprehensive overview before playing with those machines is a significant requirement.

The online slot machine is a very favorable game as it has a lot of advantages. Many of those have progressive slots meaning the jackpots would become bigger before anyone could win it. As a result, many players would wait until the slots are big enough. Player could also choose straight slot with a specific predetermined pay out. The online players also gain some prominent advantages comparing with the land-based one. For example, they have diverse choices of slots which vary depending on the amount wagered and the play lines. Moreover, they also avoid the weaknesses of land-based one such as the noises or enable player to enjoy the game from home.

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