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The game of Keno is a casino game with numbers ranging from 1 to 80. For each game of Keno, players have to select at most 20 numbers up to their decision, as long as the numbers are not repeated and within the range. Then in each game, an operator, or a computer, will pick 20 numbers randomly from the range and players win if their numbers of choice match with the 20 numbers picked by the operator or computer. It is somewhat similar to bingo, but it is not bingo and the ticket in which you select your numbers does not have the word BINGO on it.

Keno history

The history of Keno dates back to many centuries ago and the first people to play Keno is the Chinese. Originally, the Chinese Keno had 120 options based on 120 Chinese characters. When the Chinese railroad workers brought the game to the West, the number of characters used in the game decreased to 90. Then the game gained its fame within the Chinese and American communities, and they changed its name to Chinese Lottery. After gaining the fame, the game had fewer Chinese characters, from 90 to 80. At the beginning of the 20th century, Chinese Lottery received huge popularity with more and more players. In order to help Americans understand the game better, the operators of Chinese Lottery replaced the Chinese characters and symbols with Arabic numbers.

Although Nevada legalized gambling in 1931, at the time lottery was still illegal no matter which form it was. As Keno was still called Chinese Lottery by its players back then, it was crossed out of the legalized gambling forms. The name of the game was then changed from Chinese Lottery to Horse Race Keno, and each Arabic number in the game supposedly represented a horse. After many years with many new regulations on gambling, the name of the game was eventually Keno.

How to Win in Keno

Keno players match the numbers of their choice with the numbers picked by the operator or the computer in order to claim their winning. The chosen numbers of the players that match with the picked numbers from the operator or computer are the winning numbers and then multiplied with the initial bet that the players put on their numbers. Players are allowed to select 20 numbers and those selecting all 20 numbers have the greatest chance to win the game. If all 20 numbers of the player are winning numbers, the player hits the jackpot and earns the highest winning money.

In our modern time, Keno is played through monitors and screens and the chosen numbers are shown on the screen. Players record the numbers that they will select and then register the numbers at the game booth. Then they watch the screen to observe the number roll out. Keno winnings should be claimed at once when a game is finished, as claiming later is not accepted and such delay will void and nullify your winning.

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