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For starters, we’ve been looking for some good quality free forex signals that we can bring to you immediately while we’re putting together more resources. The free trading recommendations of  were so far the best we could find.

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This free Forex signal provider is offering something a bit different than the rest: it’s not signals in the classic sense, but Live MARKET DATA for traders (forex signals, entries, trend directions). They have a main signal called STES (short-term entry signal), indicating the market direction at all times. The service is mostly for traders who have been around a bit to understand how it works. It can also be very valuable to institutional traders or fund managers.

Our editor Jeff has been following their free signals for 3 weeks & found STES to be extremely accurate even if they repeatedly advise against using only the STES for live trading. He’s been making money in a live account just by entering according to the indicator direction, because he was too lazy to look at the levels & the trend signals. And yet, it worked well for him, managed to make +390pips in 2 weeks of live trading!

Thing is, apparently there’s more to the system than the STES, and in their tutorial they insist on using the key levels & what they call confluence levels (basically where the levels coincide). Our premium membership is only 3 days old (we’re still in the trial period), so we’re still new at using their data tables but so far it’s been a great experience. Jeff & Karol are trading differently (Jeff is a short-term trader, almost a scalper, while Karol is trading mostly swing & only the Forex majors) but they both use the service & they are amazed how much work & time is saved just by having their dashboard open when they trade.

Anyway, give this a try, it’s totally free so there’s nothing to lose. The free service has no limits apart from the fact that it only covers 1 pair & it keeps changing – so if you want continuity & freedom to trade what you want when you want you will need to go Premium. If you do, mention our name please 🙂 Enjoy the service & let us know how it goes!

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