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Craps is a game that is based upon predicting the way a set of dice will land once they are thrown by the shooter. The payouts of the game are based upon the odds of the shooter achieving certain combinations, so employing a good strategy is always a necessity.

Odds and Number Combinations

The more likely it is that the shooter will roll a certain number combination, the lower the odds that the player will win a bet and the lower the payout becomes. For instance, the odds and payouts for bets that the shooter will roll a six are low because there are many different ways to roll a six. The odds and payouts for bets that the shooter will roll a two are higher due to the fact that there is only one number combination that equals two.

Pass Line Strategy

As an example, the Pass Line bet is always a safe and smart move. Here, the player bets on the Pass Line and wins if the shooter successfully rolls a seven or 11. If the player bets on the Pass Line again and the shooter rolls a three, the player will lose. The third bet on the Pass Line may result in the player rolling a four, and this number would become the point as it is a number that neither wins nor loses instantly. Now the player can make an odds bet and predict whether the shooter will roll the point again before rolling a seven.

Safe Bets

There are more than a dozen different bets from which to choose, and each one offers up its own set of odds and payouts. Players will do well to keep within the safe bets in order to expect the best results. Placing Pass Line bets followed by odds bets whenever the shooter rolls a point is often the best way to go. It ensures that players know exactly what they are doing and that they are not getting in over their heads.

Experienced online casino craps players often venture into some of the riskier bets in hopes of winning a larger payout, and this is perfectly acceptable for players who have large bankrolls and know the rules of the game. New players should stick to the basics in order to enjoy a steady string of wins, however.

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