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Between you and the dealer the closest person to 21 wins. Sounds easy enough?  Well… It’s not quite that simple.

Blackjack, also known as 21 is one of the most sought after games in the casino. Because of its popularity there are many spin-off games and variations of Blackjack. “Spanish 21” and “Blackjack Switch” have the same concept as original Blackjack but with a twist. There is also, Blackjack “Perfect Pairs” and Blackjack “Lucky ladies”. These games are original Blackjack but with side bets. Along with perfect pairs and lucky ladies there are many other side bets; these are separate bets that you make before the cards are dealt.

Possibly, you have ventured out to one of these tables and have found yourself getting yelled at by a group of frustrated gamblers? It’s not because they don’t like you or you smell bad. There is reason behind their anger and it has to do with the decisions you are making during the game.

How to Play Blackjack

The dealer’s second card is slid underneath their first “face up” card. If the dealers “face up” card is a ten value card they will immediately check for a Blackjack. If the card showing is an ace they will first ask for insurance then check for a Blackjack. After all cards have been placed, the player directly left of the dealer is first to act. This player is faced with decision to either take another card, to add to their total, stay with their current total, or in special cases either split or double down. After the player makes their decision the dealer proceeds to the next player… and so on. After all players have finished, the dealer then shows their “face down” card and announces their total. If their total is less than seventeen they take additional cards until their hand reaches 17 or better. The dealer always stays with 17 or better. If the dealer hand goes over 21 everyone that is still in the hand wins.

(EX. Scenario: The dealer is showing an 8, they show their face down card and it is a 5, now a total of 13. The dealer must continue until 17 or better or bust, the next card is a 6, the dealers total is now 19. The dealer stays at 19 and pays out players with 20 and 21. Any player with a 19 will receive a push.)

Rules of Blackjack

After reading the “How to play” and “common terms” section you are going to need to know the rules of the game. Our rules section complies with the majority of casinos. Some casinos will have slight variations on what you can and cannot do. First off, after “no more bets” have been called by the dealer your wager is locked in for the hand. You will receive two cards this is where you hit stand double down or stay.

You can double down on any first two cards only, unless you split.

You can only cards that are the same value.

You can double down for less… up to your original bet.

You can double down on your split.

You can take as many cards as you want until you bust.

The dealer will stay on 17 or better.

Aces count as either one or eleven.

Blackjack Side Bets

The Blackjack side bet also known as the sucker bet is a separate bet from the main game. Explained earlier, these are isolated bets that you make before the cards are dealt. These bets do not affect the game or the hand played, they are addressed directly after you receive your first two cards. Remember, these are only an option. You do not have to play these. Every casino will have Blackjack but some casinos will have different side bets associated with the Blackjack games. Your chances of cashing in on one of these bets are very low, but the payouts are fairly high. For example, one of the most popular side bets for Blackjack is “Perfect Pairs”.

Perfect Pairs Side Bet

Minimum Bet $1 Maximum Bet $500 (varies by casino)

Mixed Pair – First two original cards are any combination of the same card with different colored suits. Ex., 8 of clubs with an 8 of hearts. (Same card, different colored suits). PAYOUT IS 6-1

Colored Pair – First two original cards are any combination of the same card with the same colored suit. Ex. 5 of spades with 5 of clubs. (Same card, same colored suits).  PAYOUT IS 12-1

Perfect Pair – First two original cards are the exact same card. Ex., King of diamonds with a King of diamonds. PAYOUT IS 25-1

As you can see, the payouts range from 6-1 to 25-1. This does not mean that every 6th hand you will get a mixed pair or every 25th hand you with receive a perfect pair, this is only what the casino will pay you. Personally we have seen many people win big off of this bet, but more often lose big. For your thought we have compiled a list of what not to do along with a guide to proper and proven betting strategies.

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