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The 3-card poker, sometimes called tri card poker, is one of many variations in the poker genre of card games that have recently begun to rise in popularity in casinos throughout the United States. 3 card poker is actually not a game in itself, but refers to two different poker variants both involving three cards the first being ‘Pairplus’, and the other being ‘Ante and Play’. Players can play either of the two, or both.

Pairplus is the simpler of the two 3 card poker games, and probably one of the all around simplest poker variants available for betting at a casino High money casinos PT. Players make a bet and get a payoff on any cards that give a pair or better, a pair being two cards of the same numerical ranking, such as two jacks or two nines. The payoff on a pair is a 1 to 1 ratio, and a royal flush, the best hand possible, usually pays off at least 40 to 1, sometimes more.

Ante and Play is a slightly more complicated version of 3-card poker. Before getting their cards, players must make a small ‘ante’ bet. After receiving their cards they may then choose to fold and lose their original bet, or make an additional ante equal in size to the first bet and keep playing . If a player chooses to continue playing and makes the second bet, there are three possible outcomes. If the dealer does not make a queen high or better, he doesn’t qualify and the player’s bet is returned with an additional 50 percent. If the dealer makes a queen high or better, but the players hand is of higher value, than the player’s bets are returned in double. If the dealer’s hand is a queen high or better, and of higher value than the player’s hand, the player loses both bets. Certain especially good hands will earn the play a bonus payoff, regardless of what hand the dealer may have. For example, a straight flush will often give the player a five hundred percent return on his or her bets.

The 3-card poker variants are a fun and easy to learn variation of poker. Because of their mild learning curve and fast paced nature, they are especially popular in the casino environment as they are ideal games for gambling. Though, since there isn’t as much strategy involved as with other poker variations, they are not often played outside of casinos.

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