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You will find numerous offers on the internet about extended car warranty insurance plans.  Here are indicators to confirm that you are choosing the right plan.

By finding out if a company is legitimate find out if it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau or BBB.  Countless of consumers have filed complaints about purchasing extended car warranty insurance plans from dealers or independent companies.  Despite the plan they still had to spend money on car repairs as they were under the impression it was covered  by the extended warranty.  It is the consumer’s responsibility to read terms and conditions of a contract.  It is also important to research dealers and independent companies before signing a contract.

A good indication that the extended warranty is favorable is when it pays the car repair center directly with a company credit card.    You should also be given the flexibility to choose an independent repair shop.

If you choose to sell your vehicle the manufacturer, dealer or independent company should provide you with a transferable warranty.  The buyer of the car will take over the warranty which is an excellent selling point.

If your car is at the repair garage the warranty provider should provide you with a loaner car free of charge.

The extended warranty provider should provide you with trip interruption coverage.  This means that if you planned a trip and you are a certain distance from home and you are involved in a collision. The warranty provider should reimburse you for transportation and travel expenses, lodging and meals.

It is advised to purchase an extended car warranty insurance plan directly from the manufacturer.  If you have a new car buy a plan as the cost will be lower because the risk is low.  To ensure that you can rely on the extended car warranty for maintenance and car repair then opt for bumper to bumper and wear and tear extended warranty plans.  As most of the time car repairs are generally from wear and tear and not actual mechanical breakdown.  The insurance company may decline your claim due to wear and tear and if you are not covered then you would have to pay for the repairs.

You should ensure that the service company providing your extended warranty has a strong retail history, enough financial reserves.  It should be accredited by the Better Business Bureau or AM best.

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