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A common reason people give me for avoiding mobile gambling is lack of games. For some reason, there’s a belief out there that PC-based casinos offer more playing options than Android casinos. This belief is entirely unfounded. By now, pretty much every game you can find at a regular online casino you can find at an Android casino, too.

Android casinos offer all the standard table games: roulette, baccarat, craps, and more. You’ll also find card games like Android blackjack extremely popular at mobile casinos. Every Android casino worth its salt also offers mobile slots, sometimes with tens of different machines.

Don’t worry – these mobile games aren’t reserved just for high rollers. You can usually bet at any limits you wish, within your bankroll. Whether you want to play the penny slots or bet $50 a hand at blackjack, it’s your call. Android casinos give you plenty of options so you can tailor your experience exactly the way you want it.

If you’re not ready to play for real money, no problem: most Android casinos have a practice play mode where you can explore the software free of charge. Practice play casinos are a great way to test out Android blackjack, roulette, and other casino games before you get to serious gambling.

Playing Roulette at Android Casinos

If you’re a roulette specialist, you’re in luck: Android roulette is one of the most popular mobile games out there, and pretty much every Online Casino offers it. There are also plenty of roulette apps available through Google Play if you aren’t looking to play for real money. Overall, playing roulette on an Android is a great experience thanks to the game’s suitability for mobile development.

The roulette layout is perfectly suited for a smartphone’s rectangular screen. You’ll find reading bet types and placing chips to be super-easy, as most game pieces are the perfect size to be clicked and dragged by a fingertip. Most Android roulette software features a magnified wheel, which helps you to follow the ball’s bounce. These features make playing real money Android roulette both easy and fun.

If real money isn’t your thing, there are many play money Android roulette games available for download via Google Play. A sampling includes:

Roulette Royal (free), an extremely popular app with a realistic UI. If you’re looking for a play money app that replicates a real money Android casino interface, this is it.
RDC Roulette (free), a reasonably good-looking app that plays a simple game of roulette.
Roulette Assist (free), an app that helps you to identify number patterns as they appear on a roulette wheel. The idea is to learn how to identify “hot” and “cold” numbers in order to exploit unbalanced wheels. Pretty cool if you take your roulette seriously.
Playing Blackjack at Android Casinos

If you like playing blackjack, now you can play it on the go. Pretty much every Android casino has a blackjack game, and most of them are pretty well done. There are also tons of free and low-cost blackjack apps available at Google Play. There’s certainly no shortage of options for playing Android blackjack online.

Most real money Android blackjack games are simply laid out and easy to play. Yours and the dealer’s cards take up about 1/4th of available screen space, and the stand, hit, and split buttons take up another 1/4th. The remaining space is dedicated to displaying bet amounts, chips, and game options. You won’t find superfluous background graphics like you would at a PC blackjack table, which I find makes it easier to play. I can in all honesty say that playing Android blackjack is better than playing blackjack on a PC.

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